Hairdresser's booking system

Booking system custom-made for Journal Premium Hairdressers in Prague. It has been in service since 2017.
Development in EU
The application is developed in the Czech Republic. It is in Czech, but we can translate it for you.
You can control events in one branch from another and the other way around.
You can also control your reservations from your mobile phone and tablet.
We will customize the system for you, to meet your needs.
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  • The individual reservations are clearly displayed in the chart.
  • Reservations can be made either by clicking in the axis area or via the form.
  • The app supports morning and afternoon shifts (we can adjust to your requirements).
  • The system allows multiple users with different rights, so employees can have their own access to the application, but they may not be able to add reservations or see client phone numbers.
  • The system stores customer history, so you can see when a customer last visited your store and, for example, what color you used to dye their hair.
Are you interested?
Write to, or call +420 774 275 224 and ask about it, or arrange a demonstration of the system.